Sunday, March 8, 2015

Best Animated Short Make-Up Review: Hypothese Beta (1967) and The Shepherd (1970)

Gotta love procrastination!

It was a month ago that I made one of my most ambitious trips in an attempt to watch all of the Oscar nominated films. It was a trip that took me halfway around the country and saw me drive 6,000 miles in only two weeks. But it was well worth it because I got to knock two more films from the Missing Five, making it only the Missing Three.

And then of course I wait over a month before writing a review, but that's the way it goes.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

FEAST wins Best Animated Short

Congratulations to Patrick Osborn and the rest of the staff at Disney Animation for winning the Best Animated Short Oscar for Feast. While I still felt The Dam Keeper was better, it's a lot more well deserved than Big Hero 6 winning for Best Animated Feature (but then again I'm obviously biased towards The Tale of the Princess Kaguya).

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Best Animated Short - 2014

Well, it was almost a month ago that the Oscar nominations were announced, and sadly I wasn't able all of the nominated films until this past weekend, when they did the showings of the nominated short films in select theaters around the country. I had to drive overnight Thursday night to make it from Florida (where I had been to check out two of the Missing Five). And unfortunately I didn't have time to write the review until now*, almost a week after the showing, so you'll have to excuse the quality of these reviews. However, here it is, the review for the most recent batch of Best Animated Short nominees.

*it was mostly because I was driving all around the northeast visiting graves of 300-game winners. Yes, I sure have my priorities straight.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Best Animated Short 2014 - NOMINEES

The Oscar nominations were today, and while most of the Internet would be abuzz over some other major news such as The Lego Movie missing out on Best Animated Feature or Selma getting a Best Picture nomination despite its deplorably scathing portrayal of LBJ (seriously, is there a more BS film controversy this year?) but the main news for me and the main reason for why this blog exists (and has been lying dormant for the past several months) is for another reason entirely, one that most people would miss out.

The Best Animated Short category

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Top Five Shortlisted, Non-Nominated Films 2009-2013

Earlier this week the Academy announced the shortlist for the animated short Oscar, and that marked the moment when the Best Animated Short race hits into high gear. The shortlist has ten films. Up to five of them will go into history as Oscar nominees, while the rest of the films will be forgotten by all but the most dedicated animation buffs, which is a major pity. I've been following the Best Animated Short race starting at the Shortlist stage since 2009, and there were plenty of films on the shortlist that missed out on a nomination that were worthy. I've already written about the shortlist in some previous posts, but in preparation for the announcement of this year's shortlist, I'm going to write about five films from the previous five shortlists that were most deserving of a nomination. There is going to be a lot of subjectivity, but I hope it will be a good look at some great films that were unfairly denied their chance of Oscar glory.

A note before we get started. I've seen only 24 of the 25 films on the shortlist, which I suppose is a decent total, but I did never did get to find Raul Garcia's The Fall of the House of Usher from the 2012 shortlist, which is a pity. The trailer sure makes it seem like an interesting film.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Best Animated Short - 2014: The Shortlist

Well, today marks an important milestone in the Best Animated Short race: the announcement of the shortlist for nomination. Each year films are qualified through festivals or qualifying runs, and the animation branch of the Academy sit through all of the films and rank them, and the ten highest ranked films make it to the shortlist for a larger branch to review. This year 58 films qualified, and today the Academy had released the ten films that will be moving on to a select screening in December. Eventually anywhere from three to five films would receive a coveted nomination.

Unfortunately, for the second straight year in a row we didn't get a full list of all of the qualifying films, but Cartoon Brew did preview some of the more highly regarded films from the festival circuit, which I previewed earlier. But even that was not foolproof, as two of the shortlisted films were not previewed in the earlier thread. But even still, these are the films that could end up with nominations this year. Let's sit back and preview all of them in more depth, just like what I did in 2012 and 2013.