Monday, November 28, 2016

Best Animated Short 2016 - The Shortlist

Well, it took a while but the Academy has finally announced the ten films moving on among the 70 that qualified, some of which I profiled a few weeks ago. Yes, I know that I'm five days late. No, I don't have any valid excuses. And no, I don't think anybody cares because I doubt anybody is still reading this blog, and I'm just doing this because I like to waste my time and am doing this for completionist's sake. Don't think I'm giving up on the category. I'm still doing all that I can to watch these films in my limited can't-go-to-festivals capacity. In fact I've seen three of the shortlisted films on the day of the announcement. That still leaves five films that I have yet to see. Watch those five get nominations. Anyways, surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly as unlike me, Amid Amidi knows what he's talking about), all of the films were featured in the profile. So maybe this may go quicker as my views may not change for films I haven't seen.