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The Nominated Shorts of 1997-2011: Where Can I Watch Them?

So I've had a lot of people (well, just one) ask me how exactly they can watch these Oscar nominated shorts that I've been writing about. I suppose it's an important question since I keep saying how these films are worth watching, but then do nothing to tell you how to watch them, posting films that were not nominated for Best Animated Short instead, like The Cat Piano and Sunrise Over Tiananmen Square (although the latter was nominated for Best Documentary Short.) I was initially loath to post them for fear of copyright issues, but then I realized that as long as I'm not uploading them myself I suppose there's nothing wrong with linking to videos that others have posted. Then I just got But now that I'm desperate for page views I figure I might as well stop procrastinating and actually get to posting the films, now that I've accumulated 15 years worth of nominees that I've reviewed.

Here's the deal. Most of the films are readily available on YouTube, which is probably one reason why I've been too lazy to post any videos. I assumed that you people would be like me and actively search out the videos. However, if I'm going to post about these videos I might as well take it all the way and post them here in the blog. After all, what else would this be good for? So if a video is available online I'd link to it or embed it if possible. And many of the videos are available for a little bit before getting taken down by the companies, so I'd only link to a video if it's been up for over a year. (Except in the case of The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, which was posted two months ago, but by somebody I am pretty sure is related to Moonbot. And even if not, there's a Vimeo link I know is from Moonbot that I can link to. So no big deal.) And if it's not available, I will mention where you may find it.

Anyways, I've always wondered how I should do this. In the end I decided to start with the winners first, and go with the nominees year by year.

The winners!

1997: Geri's Game
Most of the versions on YouTube are with alternate soundtracks. Ebaumsworld has a version that is pretty poor quality. It is also on the Pixar Shorts DVD, the DVD and Blu-Ray for A Bug's Life, and on iTunes.

1998: Bunny
Well, this is totally annoying. The only uploaded video that's more than a year old does not allow embedding. And all of the other ones are less than a year old. Oh well. You can do a Google search for "Bunny 1998" or "Bunny Blue Sky" or "Bunny Chris Wedge". Or you can check out the version on Vimeo. (Not going to embed it, since it's less than a year old.) Or you can find it on the Ice Age DVD.

1999: The Old Man and the Sea
The only video that has the entire film in one video has been uploaded less than a year ago, so for now I'm going to have to post the video in two parts.

2000: Father and Daughter
Unfortunately the HD that the video claims to be in really isn't that hi-def.

2001: For the Birds
There seems to be many versions on YouTube, but most have different soundtracks or the incomplete film. It is available on the Pixar Shorts DVD, as well as the DVD and the Blu-Ray for Monsters Inc. I believe it is also available on iTunes.

2002: The ChubbChubbs!
Also on the Men in Black II DVD.

2003: Harvie Krumpet
Also available on iTunes and as its own DVD.

2004: Ryan
I don't know how legit this OvationTV is, but it's been around for a while. It is also available to the general public on the NFB website.

2005: The Moon and the Son: An Imagined Conversation
There is a version uploaded on YouTube, but it's been around for less than a year. I don't think it's from John Canemaker, the great animator, historian, and director of this piece, so I am loath to post it. It is one of the first videos to appear if you search "The Moon and the Son." Or you can go to Amazon to buy the DVD. It is also available on iTunes.

2006: The Danish Poet
NFB has uploaded the film on YouTube, but apparently it's available only to Canadians. There is apparently another version that's been around since October of 2010, so I'm linking to that. In case it does get removed, you can always buy it on iTunes.

2007: Peter & the Wolf
Like The Moon and the Son earlier, there is a verison uploaded on YouTube that's been around for under a year. Like I said, if it's been uploaded for less than a year and doesn't seem obviously from the makers, then I feel like it's ripe for getting removed. You can find it on a search (uploaded by Tamileelam93). Or you buy the movie off iTunes, or watch it on the Chinese video site Tudou, which has the advantage of being all in one video.

2008: La Maison en Petits Cubes
People keep uploading this excellent short (it was my favorite nominated short between 2002-2011), and ROBOT keeps removing it. It's a shame because it's great, and it's NOT readily available on iTunes. There is a version that's been online for a year that I'll link to, (and holy smokes, it looks great!) but I don't feel confident that it'll stay online forever. You can keep searching it in case this does get removed. Or you can purchase the DVD from Japan, which also includes a Japanese version with narration by Masami Nagasawa of Kokuriko-zaka Kara fame.

2009: Logorama
The ones uploaded on YouTube get removed pretty quickly by H5. If you search around you'll eventually find a copy, but I'm not going to do a YouTube embed. There is, however, a version on Vimeo that's been around for well over a year, so I feel pretty good linking to that. If it does eventually get removed, you can always find it on iTunes.

2010: The Lost Thing
This one is not as easy to find because the production company is actually on the lookout for uploaded copies and removes it. You can search online and eventually find a version, but I'm not going to link to it because it'll be removed eventually. It is readily available on iTunes, and there is an Australian DVD if you care to spend the money.

2011: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
Also available on iTunes and Vimeo and other various online video sites. Seriously, just do a search. It's not that hard to find.

The Nominees

Famous Fred

Redux Riding Hood
I wish I knew. I wish I knew.


La Vieille Dame et les Pigeons


The Canterbury Tales
The full movie is hard to find online. I had to get the DVD from the UK to watch the film. Joanna Quinn was nice enough to upload her segment from the first part: The Wife of Bath's Tale.

Jolly Roger


When Life Departs


3 Misses


My Grandmother Ironed the King's Shirts
Wow. This one was surprisingly hard to find. I got the film on iTunes so took it for granted, but when I was searching for one here it seems almost all of the versions online are in French! Thankfully the NFB has a copy, but I can't embed it.

When the Day Breaks


The Periwig Maker

Embedded the one with the text commentary, because it is from Don Hertzfeldt himself.


Fifty Percent Grey
Also available on YouTube if you can't stand the subtitles.

Give Up Yer Aul Sins

Strange Invaders
Not a very good quality version, but hey if you don't like it, go to the NFB website!

Stubble Trouble


Also readily available, also embedding disabled. Here is the link. It's well worth watching! The first anime film to be nominated Best Animated Short! The ones on Vimeo have no English subtitles.


Mike's New Car

Das Rad




Gone Nutty



Birthday Boy

Gopher Broke

Guard Dog
Not available in its entirety, but you can get it on DVD along with the other Dog films (Guide Dog, Hot Dog)

I will give anybody who can procure a copy $1,000. Seriously. I am that desperate.



The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello

One Man Band



The Little Matchgirl


No Time for Nuts


I Met the Walrus

Madame Tutli-Putli

Même les Pigeons vont au Paradis (Even Pigeons Go to Heaven)

My Love


Lavatory Lovestory



This Way Up


La Dama y la Muerte

 French Roast

 Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty

A Matter of Loaf and Death


Day & Night

The Gruffalo
It is on iTunes if you want a cleaner version, but otherwise the only place I can find it is on the Chinese sites. And I'm not sure how to embed from there. So here's the link to the video on Tudou.

Let's Pollute
For some strange reasons all online copies are French, maybe because it was showed at Annency? The only place where I was able to find an English version was on iTunes. Very annoying.

Madagascar: A Journey Diary



It's not online, and it's still closed on the NFB website. Your only hope to watch it is on the iTunes nominated short package, or on NFB's Animation Express 2 DVD.

La Luna
Not available on iTunes. Not available online. Your only chance is to wait another three months until Brave comes out in theaters, and watch it then.

A Morning Stroll
Right now Studio aka has made only the trailer available online. The whole film is available on the iTunes nominated short package. Somebody posted it on YouTube, but it was removed. Too bad.

Wild Life
Same situation as with Dimanche. iTunes or the Animation Express 2 DVD.
Wow! That was PAINFUL! I guess I'll have to include a section called "Where Can I Watch This" with every review so I don't have to go back and do 15 years worth of nominees at once.

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