Monday, June 10, 2013

Rainbow Dash is Awesome

No matter how it turns out, at least we'll know that Rainbow Dash will still be awesome in Equestria Girls, alien-like skin color and all.

And more:
Way to go, animators, making that wristband appear on and off like a strobe light.

She can go all day...

Heck yeah! Kick that ball clear across the field! But what happened to Twilight Sparkle?

As awesome as she is, it's sad to see that Rainbow Dash no longer dresses in style in EQG like she did in G3 and as a pony. Because as much as I love her to death, that outfit is X_X

And this is not Equestria Girls related, but I've always wanted to get a GIF of the images from "A True, True Friend" when their eyes flash back once they recover their destinies, which help make it the best song in Magical Mystery Cure. And now here it is.

Plus a slow-mo version where you can see the images clearly

Gawsh, Rainbow Dash is so awesome!

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