Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rainbow Dash is Still Awesome

So the teaser trailer for the new Equestria Girls movie is out, making it pretty much official. It's probably going to cause a lot of angst in the pony fandom again, but to be honest I found the first one enjoyable, despite its lazy writing. Rainbow Rocks is probably be more of the same, except with more of Daniel Ingram's catch songs, but I really don't care because the trailer pretty much confirms one thing.

Rainbow Dash will still be awesome.


Aw yeah! That's like the very definition of awesome! Then again, when is Rainbow Dash ever not awesome? If Pinkie Pie is the go-to pony for all things Looney Tunes-like zaniness, Rainbow Dash is the go-to pony for all things awesome, and it's no different in the Equestria Girls universe!

Here are some more epic moments of Rainbow Dash being awesome from the first Equestria Girls movie (with seriously truncated apologies)

So how hard do you have to kick a ball to get it to burn? I dunno, but Rainbow Dash can supply that power.

Words cannot describe just how awesomely awesome Rainbow Dash is!

Twilight Sparkle doesn't stand a chance!

Well I guess you can argue that this isn't awesome, but it sure is pretty funny.

Part of the magical girl transformation scene, that kick is pretty danged cool.

And of course Rainbow Dash is so awesome that even after getting wings for the first time, she knows exactly how to use them.

And of course she uses it to fly Scootaloo, who is awesome in her own right, on a ride of her life!

Meanwhile...only two weeks (give or take a day or three) until the Oscars...and the Best Animated Short category results!

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